Deoch an Dorus, A Social Beast

A Historic Partick Landmark

When looking for the perfect location for Deoch an Dorus, there were a few important ‘musts’ – the area must be known for its friendliness and hospitality, there must be a need for a traditional local pub with a great atmosphere, and importantly, there must be some good old Glaswegian tales to tell.

With its long tradition of conviviality and tales aplenty, Partick fitted the bill perfectly.

Talking of tales, one of our favourites is the famous story of the Partick Duck Club. The story goes that, in the 1800s, the old ‘Bun and Yill House’ in Partick enjoyed such a reputation for roast duck that it became home to The Duck Club of Partick a group of esteemed Glaswegians who visited the pub every Saturday to be fed roast duck, sage and onion, and green peas, washed down, of course, with locally brewed ale.

But what was so special about Partick ducks? Well, according to folklore, they grew fat, succulent, and perhaps most importantly, slow, due to a combination of opportunistic thievery and the poorly guarded grain mills bordering the Kelvin.

William McTear, the president of the club, was so fond of the ducks that he was immortalised in the couplet: ‘The ducks of Partick quake with fear, Crying "Lord preserve us, here's McTear’.

We loved this story so much that we incorporated two fat ducks in our specially created Coat of Arms, and even contemplated calling the pub The Fat Duck. Unfortunately, some chef called Heston Blumenthal got there first, damn him.

So, what else could we call it? Well, Partick has always had a tradition of Gaelic immigrants and Gaelic churches, going back to when it was on the drove route into Glasgow from the West Highlands. So it was decided; the pub would have a Gaelic name.

‘Deoch an Dorus’, piped up our esteemed manager Jeannie, without lifting her eyes from her newspaper. ‘It means one for the door, a farewell drink if you like. I’ve always liked that name for a pub’.

And with that, having spent many a stressful day and night coming up with a name, Deoch an Dorus was born and the tradition of conviviality in Partick lives on. Sláinte!

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Situated minutes from Partick railway, subway and bus station: Deoch an Dorus resides in an ideal location on the cities vibrant and historic Dumbarton Road.

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